• Staking involves holding a certain amount of cryptocurrency to validate transactions and earn rewards.
• There are many crypto staking pools available in the market, such as Everstake, P2P, LYOTRADE, etc.
• These platforms offer different features like non-custodial staking, centralized staking with DEX Swap feature, higher returns compared to traditional methods and more.

What is Crypto Staking?

Crypto staking is a process that involves token holders to hold their cryptocurrencies for a certain amount of time to validate transactions on the blockchain network and gain rewards in return. It is done through specialized PoS networks that enable participants with the largest number of tokens to be selected as validators. This process has become popular among crypto holders who want to generate profits from their holdings without having to trade them on exchanges or other platforms.

Top 5 Crypto Staking Pools

Stake pools are mediums which help crypto holders with smaller stakes participate in staking and increase the likelihood of getting rewards. Here are our top five recommendations for crypto staking pools:


Supported cryptocurrencies: 37 different coins and tokens
APY: Depends on the cryptocurrency
Lock-up period: Depends on the cryptocurrency
Payout frequency: Depends on the cryptocurrency
Type: Non-custodial
Additional rewards: No
Minimum/maximum staking amount: Depends on the cryptocurrency

Everstake is a trusted validator running over 8,000 nodes across 70+ blockchain networks. As a non-custodial solution, users can stake directly from their respective wallets and get 5% – 20% profit annually by staking with Everstake with transparency of rewards.


Supported cryptocurrencies: 26 different cryptocurrencies
APY: between 4% and 50%
Lock-up period: Depends on the cryptocurrency
Payout frequency: Depends on the cryptocurrency
Type: non-custodial
Additional rewards: No.< br > Minimum/maximum staking amount :Dependsonthecryptocurrency.< br >< br > P2P provides secure non-custodial services for professional investors allowing them to participate in stacking without any heavy lifting of running nodes themselves . With an average uptime of 99%, investors can receive their rewards continuously whilst mitigating risks related to performance .

Supported cryptocurrencies : LYO Credit (LYO), USDT.< br >< br > APY : 24 %to50 %Lock up period :Dependsonthecryptocurrency , but ranges from 360 days to 720 days .Pay out frequency :Dep endsonthelock – upperiodType :Centralized ,withDEXSwapfeatureAdditionalrewards :TheLYOCredit token earnsrewards throughinflation ,orcommunityralliesMinimum / maximumstakingamount :Dep endsonthecryptocurrency.< br >< br > LYOTRADE offers higher returns than traditional methods along with liquidity options like DEX Swap feature for its customers . The platform allows customers towagertheirLYOtokensforupto720daysandearn24 % – 50 %annualinterestrate .

< h3 > Atomic Wallet
Supported Cryptocurrencies : 30 +differentcoinsandtokensAP Y :Up totwenty percentLock – upp eriod :Dep endsonthecryptocurrencyPay outf requency :WeeklyType :Non custodialAdditionalrewards :N o Minimum / maximumstakingamount :No minimumrequirementforstakingAtomicWallet provides easy ,secureandsafe waytoearninterestfromyourholdingsbystakingmorethan30assetsincludingBitcoin ,Ethereum ,TRONandotherpopularcoins .It isacompletelynon custodialsolutionwhereinvestorscancontroltheirprivatenon publickeysdirectlyintheirownwalletwithoutrelyingonthirdpartyservices .InvestorscanalsostaketheirUSDTwithAtomicWalletwhichoffersup totwenty percentA PYreturnsoninvestment .

< h3 > Staked
Supported Cryptocurrencies ; BTC ,ETH ,XTZAP Y ; Up totwentyfivepercentLock – upp eriod ; VariablePay outf requency ;VariableType ; Non custodialAdditionalrewards ; N oMinimum / maximumstakingamount ; N ominimumrequirementforstakingStaked OffersoneofthehighestreturnsoninvestmentamongtopstakingserviceswithuptotwentyfivepercentA P YdependingontheneedsofthetokenholdersandwhattheyarelookingforintermsoflockupperiodsandpayoutsfrequencyaswellastheriskappetiteTheyprovidenon custodialsolutionswhereuserscanmanageprivatekeysdirectlyintheirownwalletswhilebeingabletomonitorperformanceindependently